The Symposium will be held at the auditorium of Bank of the Argentine Nation's headquarters, known locally as Banco Nación Casa Central, located in the Plaza de Mayo the foundational site of Buenos Aires and the scene of the most momentous events in Argentine history, as well as the largest popular demonstrations in the country.
It is next to several major monuments and points of interest: the Cabildo, the Casa Rosada (seat of the President of Argentina), the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Buenos Aires City Hall. It is also very near to the Illuminated Block (Manzana de las Luces), a place intimately related to education in colonial Buenos Aires and where Governor Martín Rodríguez inaugurated the University of Buenos Aires in 1821.
The bank building of 100,000 square meters with a large central dome of 50 meters in diameter was designed by renowned Argentine architect Alejandro Bustillo in a revivalist, French-influenced, Monumental Neoclassical style.  It is also home to the Alejandro Bustillo Art Gallery and the historic and numismatic museum.
Both the bank and most of the buildings surrounding the Plaza de Mayo were declared National Historic Monuments of Argentina. Therefore the symposium will be located in the heart of the historic center of the city and within walking distance of many hotels and restaurants.

General view of Plaza de Mayo

The main entrance of the bank

The auditorium is on the first floor and although the bank has several entrances, it is convenient to enter through the main door located in Av. Rivadavia 325, just opposite to the Casa Rosada (Pink House). This entrance will be the only open outside bank hours (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

The stage of the auditorium.

The auditorium.

The wide corridors of the bank.