November 1st – 4th

Friday 2nd: Visit to “Chacra Bertoya”, there are Populus xcanadensis "Guardi" poplar plantations in agroforestry system (interfile harvest of pasture) and silvopastoral (direct grazing with sheep).
We’ll also visit the establishment Loma de la Paisana (Seneu S.A.) with poplar plantations of different clones at several spacing under agroforestry and silvopastoral systems, willow plantations used as defense of coasts and Salix Humboldtiana native populations including in the conservation program.

Saturday 3st: Visit to the establishment “El Milagro” (Sabores del Sur S.R.L.) where we can observe different clones of Populus xcanadensis with pastures under canopy, forestation with willows (Salix matsudana x S. alba) and a comparative test of experimental clones of willows in saline-sodic soils.
Then we also visit the Alto Valle Experimental Station of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (EEA INTA) where we can observed commercial stoolbeds of P. nigra ‘Jean Pourtet’, P. xcanadensis ‘Conti 12’,  ‘Guardi’ and ‘Ragonese 22 INTA’), and others experimental poplar clones selected by Poplar Breeding Program of INTA. In a annex field of the EEA INTA Alto Valle (J.J. Gomez, Rio Negro) we’ll visit a forestation of Populus xcanadensis 'Guardi' of 9 years of age, with plots of evaluation of response to thinning, a forestation of P. nigra 'Jean Pourtet' for pole production and a comparative trial of experimental willow clones and Populus deltoides clones.
Finally we visit an experimental plot of deep plantations with P. nigra  ‘Jean Pourtet’ and P. xcanadensis ‘Conti 12’) and one experience of rehabilitation of quarry of aggregates with forestation of willows in depth.

Sunday 4st: We’ll visit “Bodega del Fin Del Mundo” a winery with poplar shelters with drip irrigation and mechanized pruning and the winery “Bodega Malma” where we will enjoy a lunch.