Oral Presentation Guidelines

Since the official language of the Symposium is English, both the slides and the speech must be prepared in that language.
The presentation must be prepared in Power Point. If you use some other program we recommend that you check the compatibility of your presentations in advance. We strongly recommend that you give us or send in advance by email to the address the file one day before of the presentation (even during the Delta field trip or the registration on 28 October). 
If you send the presentation by email please identify the file with the name of the Session and the first author (e.g. Physiology.Alvarez.pptx). 
Take in mind that you have a total duration of 15 minutes (unless the program or the session chair indicated something different), including presentation, discussion and change of speaker. Therefore, speakers should prepare a talk with a maximum duration of 12 minutes, in order to allow questions from the audience and Chairs. Technical support will be provided by the organization. 

Poster Presentation Guidelines

A well-constructed poster will be self-explanatory and understandable to the viewer and will generate interest to discuss with the presenter. Successful poster presentations are those which achieve coverage and clarity using a simple design.
Posters should be of vertical format. The maximum measurements are 90 cm wide and 120 cm high.
The title of the work, the authors, the addresses and the mail of contact should be centered and on the top of the poster.
It is suggested to the authors to make the posters so that they can be read from a distance of 1.5 m, for which it is recommended: 
-use letters of 2.5 cm in height and in bold for the title, of 1.5 cm and in bold for the names of authors and chapters, and 1 cm for the general text, as well as for legends of graphs, tables and figures. Note that very long texts are not attractive. 
-the figures (photographs, diagrams) and the graphics are focal point to attract attention, so these should be easily visible from a distance should have dimensions equal to or greater than 23 cm by 18 cm. 
-do not include the cited bibliography; the authors can offer it to whom requests it in paper copies.

The place where you should place your poster will be indicated on the support panel. The poster will remain there until the end of the Symposium. As Poster Session is a one-to-one informal discussion between presenters and their audience, it will be mandatory to stay with your poster during the Poster Sessions.
Posters can be stuck with double-sided tape. Student assistants will be available for help in the poster area on the morning of 30 October. 

Handouts: Although not required, we recommend that you prepare some copies of your poster printed in A4 page.

Download the guide here: PRESENTATION GUIDELINES