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To assist us in the process of quickly reviewing abstracts for selection and to give you an answer without delay, please adhere to the following formatting and guidelines.

• Submit your abstract in English. The fonts and size of abstracts should be as shown in the template.
• The abstract must be single-spaced and in upper and lowercase letters. The font style should be “Calibri”. Abstracts will include only text, which may not exceed one page size A4 using normal margin. No tables, graphs, figures or references are allowed.
• The title should be centered and specific to the content. Use short titles (maximum 30 words) and standard abbreviations. The font should be bold and size 14. Please do not type your title in all caps.
• Authors’ full names should be size 10 centered and single spaced.
• The corresponding addresses (including work unit, city and county) should be size 9  justified and single spaced. ‘*’ should be marked on the corresponding author name and speaker name (usually the first author) should be underlined.
• Leave one space between: title and author, author and author affiliation, author affiliation and the body of the abstract.
• The body of abstract should be size 12 single-spaced, justified and less than 400 words. 
• The body of the abstract must include a concise statement of the topic to be presented, the objective underlying the work and a summary of methods, key findings and conclusions. 
Scientific units should be in italic style, with capital letters used correctly.
• If you are recognizing any grants or corporate support of your research, please add this as a short note after the words "Funding support".
• Leave one space between the body of the abstract and the key words.
• Include a list of key words or phrases (up to 5).
• Leave an space and indicate email address of the first author.

Please to complete your abstract using the following downloadable template:

Once completed, please send your abstract by email in an attached WORD or PDF document to: until June 30, 2018.
In the subject line of your email, please follow one of these examples:
- First and last name – Oral Abstract Submission and the name of the session where you wish to present in; or:
- First and last name – Poster Abstract Submission and the name of the session where you wish to present in.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact